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    Cinema Ep is a story seen through the eyes in two parts. The first half or light side is seen through the eyes of the boy. Once flipped, the dark side, is through the eyes of the father. The stories parallel one another and if you purchase the vinyl, you will be given an insert with the story included.

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released April 29, 2013



all rights reserved


The Royal Sound Santa Clarita, California

In Fall of 2015 TRS is set to release their 3rd album, “Mother”. This album is a 12 song portrayal of the relationships between Mother Nature and Human.

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Track Name: West
There’s a place over town, about an hour to the west.
Me and mama go in summer, ever since my daddy left.
Mama told me stories about the places that he went.
She always kept his honor, but I’m starting to forget.
All the better things about him, and what’s above my head.
But she always kept a smile on, while she fought to keep her head.
I never sleep I lay in bed.
I wonder what words you never said.
I knew that she was hurting, by all the pills that she would take.
She promised she was happy, but knew she was a fake.
Where can I find a place to rest?
To organize what’s in my head.
I never sleep I lay in bed.
I wonder what words you never said.
I never sleep I lay in bed.
Track Name: Holiday
I didn’t see the old man much.
But as much I did mind.
My life was spent exploring.
Racing through the time.
Daddy said, “don’t worry son,
you’ll find your way.
You can be anything you want
Chase down all your dreams.”
The way he tied the rope.
The way he kept me close.
He kept me sleeping sound.
No matter where I was I’d feel him,
Standing right next to me.
A simple time, the world was good.
Didn’t think of doubt.
Haven’t let my thoughts slip towards
The worst parts of this town.
I cared more for holidays.
Time in the snow.
Never looked for a better way,
When I cant feel the weight.
The last thing I remember was
The way you sang to me.
Funny now how my favorite song was
Always “please don’t leave”
Track Name: Bloom
A cold night, you lit your own fire.
You felt the world through your skin.
Those cold eyes, lured to your side.
She knows just how to reel you in.
There’s a recipe to everything you do.
And if you ever care to know ill show you.
Just six months. It felt too right.
This is the love that we all read about.
If timings everything then we move way too slow.
And if you’d ever care to grow.
You took her to the old Hollywood sign.
The view of the city lost in her eyes.
You moved the earth, and planted her a seed.
She touched your hand; you placed in hers a ring, and said romantically,
“Ill be your rose, perfectly bloomed if you nurture me.
I’m waiting to grow. Begging the soil to just release me.”
Track Name: Plans
It was a Saturday in April when I heard.
The very day that changed my life with simple words.
Being a father wasn’t part of all my plans.
After all, I was far from being a man.
Our love was untested.
A self lit fire, something set to expire.
If time is our friend then why does it keep sucking us in?
I promised you everything,
But everything’s not what it’s been.
Am I the last lonely bastard you’ll like?
Track Name: Five
Remember when I told you son,
“Chase down all your dreams”
I think its time I told you son.
That its all fantasy.
You are not one of the chosen.
And you weren’t sent here by no God.
You’ll grow up and find a place in the world.
A face in a crowd – A man in a line.
A face at the Bar – push your family aside.
I just can’t find a reason.
To live like this in such a place.
But tonight I’ll lay you to rest.
And play you your favorite song.
So stay asleep tonight
because tomorrow I’ll be gone.
I’ll never send this letter to you.
But it feels good to write.
Before I say good-bye.
Track Name: Red
Believe me son if I could stay
I’d be with you till my last day,
I swear that.
But my body and my tired head
Can’t come to terms with my conscious.
It’s so bad.
I came up with the innocence,
In every single thought but now I’ve lost that.
And all this time you’ve looked up to a runaway.
All the while I’ve been looking west.
You deserve the company of better men.
I hope you can be strong because right now I can’t.
I’ll leave you with the burden and the sentiment of loneliness.
It’s so red, so red.
A face in glorifying frames that you tie to your name.
But how much can last when you’re just telling stories?
How much can you forget?
I hope I can disconnect us completely,
I hope that my story ends.
When I end.