by The Royal Sound



Mother is a concept album that embodies the relationships between Human and Mother Nature.

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released November 27, 2015

Cody Jonsen - Guitar, Vocals
AJ Apone - Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Josh Rubin - Bass
Mitch Feuerstein - Drums, Percussion

Additional help by:

James Montminy - Sax and Trumpet
Bob Curtin - Organ, Piano

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Bob Curtin at Gravity Room Studios, Simi Valley, California.

All songs written by The Royal Sound



all rights reserved


The Royal Sound Santa Clarita, California

In Fall of 2015 TRS is set to release their 3rd album, “Mother”. This album is a 12 song portrayal of the relationships between Mother Nature and Human.

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Track Name: Sky
Drifting away
Time turns on another day
I breathe in the new air

Tell me to stay
I feel your arms as I float away
Fall into you

You're the air in my lungs
You're the moon and the sun
You're the calming wind, you're the breeze that I miss
You're the air in my lungs

Im not telling you to wonder
Just telling you to hold your breath
All that I want is to share what I got
and that's the air in my lungs

Falling asleep
In the clouds dreaming of a light I saw in you

Make me believe
that there is more than you're showing me
and Ill be your muse

I collect the words you're whispering, and store them away.
I will always keep them safe
Track Name: Jungle
come step into the dark
and leave your name out there with the wolves
you’ll be gone
by morning

trace you way to the stars
but not from here
there’s no view of the gods
they’ve been gone for so long

they have been gone for so long

I have been a tomb
a tomb for your brave
I don’t play by your rules
you said all you ever needed was a little time
what has time done to you

bones go cold in the shade
you find yourself all alone in a maze
you ll be gone
don’t go closing your eyes, they’re still here, watchin you in the night
you’ve been gone

for so long
you've been gone for so long

I have a been tomb
a tomb for your brave
I don’t play by your rules
you said all you ever needed was a little time
what has time done to you

isn’t this the war were living?
isn’t only me that can end this chase?
Track Name: Ocean
You don’t have to yell I can tell when you whisper. You can always come to me down here. Show me all your thoughts we can talk when you’re under.
Let your body be set free. Quit standing on the shoreline waiting for another. Come and be a part of me. Let me take your hand and show you how to live in a world of blue. I can show you. I’ve been living in a world of my own. I'm not looking for a way to change you. I'm not here waiting to be rescued. Let me take the floor I can show you the wonder thats been living here with me. Quit standing not the shoreline saying that you’ll never. Come and be a part of me. Follow me down. Follow me now. Let me take you under. Then I know you’ll find yourself.
Track Name: Rain
A tiny drop in your hand and you know there is more to be. Another line in the sand I steal. I've been waiting a long time and the slow dive to you now starts to seem so real. Maybe its something in you. Maybe its something in me. I’ve been watching and I know your falling asleep. I hope that you’re falling to me. A lonely portion of blue as it sails from sky to earth to find its way back to you. It could be something I said. Another shot at the world. I just hope that you fall into me. I know you’re falling, Ive been waiting here to catch you again. So long. Its too late. I know the promise of the perfect won’t stay.
Track Name: River
Rolling down the blue to keep awake. Planning every move to keep you safe. Pay up my son. I’m better off with you gone. The only one who stands alone to face the sun. Cutting through the earth to find our place. Burning down the trees to light the way. Pay up my son, You’ve taken all that I give. Water still runs and pulls you through a maze one by one. Until you stay. You know the steady aim that's pointing you on your way. The one that lit the flame that's guiding you. Towards second place in the fire that takes your life. Too late to run away. I know what a wolf you’ve become. Would have made such a beautiful person. If only you would let the blue decide your fate. Just a little touch and i’ll believe in you.
Track Name: Desert
im pulling the sun down
im clutchin to the heat again
I’m taking the lie pay back on the floor
never be your medicine

every pretty word that you want to hear is buried in a cave dark cave if you need it

if you cant find the sun
and if you lost the way
in this barren and lonely place

so believe in mirage
until you wanna stay
in this barren and lonely place

im pushing the life out
im starving for the blue again
I’m down o my knees i beg and i plead
yea you can be my medicine

every pretty word that you want to hear is buried in a cave dark cave if you need it

if you cant find the sun
and if you lost the way
in this barren and lonely place
Track Name: Snow
I’ve been trying to warn you that I have come to the edge. I’ve been floating away for my turn to end. Am I dying breed? A tail with a long leash. I'm starting to wonder if I am living alone. Tell me your thoughts, Tell me your name. Show me your heart, I know it's the same. Am I just buried underneath your love? Ive been missing the comforts of being on the land. I just pray that the wind will pull you back to my hands. Ice cold parts of you in the palm of my hand. Pressed down, Painted white in the palm of my hand. Am I ever gonna know its you?
Track Name: Volcano
I love it when you tremble the walls when you shake. I feel the heat in my bones and I know that you’re awake. The popes, The poets, The cons. All in the same. Names written down on the walls of your cave. Written down on the walls of your cave. Leaving trails of your war on the page. Go on and write your own history. The cults, The leaders, The gods. Hide in their fame, Hide in their faith.
Track Name: Island
Lets live like we’re only two days from the end. Sing songs out to no one, Read poems to the wind. I hear you waking up. I’ve been waiting. Something shaking up in me. I see you looking up. I’ve been waiting. What you're thinking of I can be. I stopped counting the days, You kept spending the nights.I know all you give to me I will never find. You know I was hoping to see you again. Scream songs out to anyone who’s listening.
Track Name: Thunder
We all have a wish. This wish we hope is our history. Then the war comes. We all hang our heads in the big defeat. Every little word you speak. Every
little word. Scream it from the clouds. You know you give the silence power now. We all have a list and this list we hope is our history. Look up to the stars, Begging for hand to pull me in. Put me right where you want me to be. Im listening. Hold your words son. So I can speak to you in plain. There's no price you pay. Pull me closer. Feel the fire beneath my skin. There’s a place i’ve never been.
Track Name: Waterfall
You gotta take your time. You’ve got a lot to live for. I hope that I can meet you there. Just got to know its right and you can live forever. Don’t take advice from empty men. It saves me again at the bottom. Float away through the open air. Feel the world dry your skin. Now we start to dive. Now its you and I. The tension getting stronger. Do you think that I will break your fall? Tell me what its like to fly. Does it match your vision? Now I know that you are not afraid to die and never felt so alive. Deliver me to your arms below. Take me in and clean my skin. Save me again at the bottom. Take my body in. Wash my broken skin. Don’t turn me away i’ll find myself at the bottom.
Track Name: Mountain
I see you as I’m waking up. You graze across my skin, It’s love. Your touch it warms my blood, it carries me away. To know know you’re coming up it carries me away. You carry me away. I saw a star from the radio tower holding its face, in a moment its ours. As I’m burning away I’ve been waiting for you to save my life. I will never take away the life I give to you. Seeing the world it starts again. You raise a hand to feel the wind. I will
never take away the life I give to you.