Reverse Engineers

by The Royal Sound

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released September 12, 2014

Cody Jonsen - Vocals/Guitar
Al Apone - Guitar/Harmonica/Percussion
Josh Rubin - Bass
Mitch Feuerstein - Drums



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The Royal Sound Santa Clarita, California

In Fall of 2015 TRS is set to release their 3rd album, “Mother”. This album is a 12 song portrayal of the relationships between Mother Nature and Human.

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Track Name: Old Me
Ill bend my limbs and they wont break
Old me, I cant seem to clean the mess that I have made
Ill be your fortune never dull and never fade
and I've been waiting for the day when I can say

The past can be a dangerous device

I cant be as strong as you'd like
I am all alone in this fight
And if you ask me ill say
I wouldn't have it any other way

Holding on to you

Ill be your future never dull and never plain

Another storm I plan to brave
Old me, still so lost at sea with pennies to my name
Ill be your fortune never dull and never fade
And I've been waiting for the day when I can finally say

Its not our time to fight a war
We'll take it slow

I'm holding on to you
Track Name: Beggar
Under the earth I will be
Under your toes I will sleep, but not for long
Cause I've got some place I've got to be
I'm coming up
It's like I'm begging for a storm

Break through the ground just to breathe
Sift through the soil and out to the sea
Where I can float to the sky up above
And blow the air
It's like I'm begging for a storm

What am I begging for?

I feel the weight in my being
Built up forever
Inside of me
And you can blame it on the curse of what I've seen
A taste of home
Is what I'm begging for
Track Name: Lucky
There's still time to save yourself from all the ways that you don't want to live
It don't feel the same, an old soul living in my skin
I swear I heard him sing

Don't run the race, find out what makes you who you are, makes you feel okay
Don't shy from love, were all lost-drowning in the flood
But we'll turn out alright

Life it don't seem so bad cause we got lucky

Too many days I try to find out whats to come
While the future never comes
I dream in days, there's no point in chasing down my fate
Ill still be here at home

Another turning point in me
A celebration of our lives because it seems we got lucky
Track Name: Midnight Train
Stay calm, I know we haven't spoke in years
Breathe more, your only son is getting by
But damn am I alone
And now the hurt is strong
But still I am fighting
If anyone knows, then I do...

Hold on, I know you feel like there's no point
But I still hold your charm
I still play your song, the same one you showed me
If anyone knows, then I do...

Been four months, tried to forget you
Midnight, train stop, waiting for your face
Sing for months trying to forget you
The midnight train stops, I'm waiting for your face
Track Name: Baby
I curse the words that joined my speech when the sun was coming up
I know I said too many things, but baby i need your trust
Lately it's not enough.

I scratch and claw through every page, searching a cause
I follow paths and count the ways to where you ended up

Baby it;s not enough

I cant recall a time that i'd replace
The perfect storm of confidence and grace
The perfect storm that I walk towards, lead my way

Just give me time to find myself, I swear I can evolve
We both hold plans of living tall, so please don't cut em off

With enough time, give you all mine, everything

Live in war, but found our peace
A compliment, a missing piece
Fill the void that you have left in me
Track Name: Danger
I cant begin to know what this is I feel
The way time it slows when you're behind the wheel
I'm moving through the crowd, I can feel you now
This feeling cant be real, you're far too fine a prize

I'm still dying to know
What my life was like before the
Wonder of this all
I'd pay the devils price if we could
Spend some time alone
You are as much as I can take, come on and take me

They're closing all the doors let me walk you home
I swear ill be a gentleman, at least as long as you can wait
Track Name: Ghost
Wondering all of my life
Hoping that all moms stories are right
Begging to know all the truths
Dying to find the real side of you

Trying to think that its real
The man is ghost-carries smoke on his heels
All of my life I will wait
Wait for your words

This song is the sign you've been waiting for
You keep me waiting
Don't keep me waiting
Man in the background tell me you're real
Tell me your story reverse engineer
This all is a sign that you're waiting for

I'm building it up in my head
Wanting the words that you never said
Hoping that fate might align just like you said

It's like there's someone singing
Track Name: Crawl
I look up to the stars
I'm asking them to speak
"You have to show me all, celebrate my growth, and I'll give my body up"
I just crawl

Another setting sun
Another message missed, or neglected
I'm betting you'll crawl

Watch it pass you by
Another gleam of hope
"You need to show me all, celebrate my growth"
I gave my body up
Just crawl

The night went slow tip-toeing the fence while you walk
Don't stop till you fall off the edge
And you don't know if I'm falling to net

A rage built up since I was a kid, me and mom
All alone there to live with your debts
And you don't know, If i'm ready for this
Track Name: If You're On Fire
Climb the ladder
Closer to your dream
High above you
Sail too high to see
But you continue reaching

The same thing is taking over you
and if you're on fire, let me burn with you

Walk the tree tops
Keep your balance
You climbed too long to get here
It has to be your place
But did you stop to wonder
If there's a line you didn't trace
Track Name: Slow Dance
Slow baby don't break the mold that we built from the graves
Of our past that we leave behind in the rear view frames

Just tell me you're okay
The foundation's strong
And I swear Ill move along

Slow baby don't take a fall while you dance in the rain
Move soft like an angel walks, take my hand and lead the way
Slow dance in the living room I try to keep pace
Just smile as you take my hand, and show me the way.

Just tell me you're okay
Track Name: Clockwork
It takes time to notice
It takes time to grow
It takes time to lose yourself and just
let it all go

It takes time to bury
Learn what to forget
Learn when to lose yourself and just
let it all in

Yeah you ought to know
What we make together will be ours alone
Every day I wonder what the future holds

I kept in from the background
Was a patient cavalier
You told me "time will take us"
And I cant believe its finally brought us here

And you still want it all

Were in this place together
On your word I can depend
You told me "time will build us"
And my life filled out like clockwork in the end

Like clockwork in the end.